Zwijnenburg, a family business where craftsmanship meets passion. Zwijnenburg Yachting is part of the Zwijnenburg group of companies, a family owned business based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The first chapters of this family business were written in 1955.

Our Team

Zwijnenburg is recognized as one of the world leaders in the field of shipbuilding. Working with Zwijnenburg means being part of a close-knit team. A team that contributes to the most spectacular objects in the world.


When people think of Zwijnenburg they think of craftsmanship, passion, design, engineering and construction. Together we stand for delivering premium quality and maximum outfitted products. Every product is manufactured by our workers with skill and care, with all of our employees with various disciplines making a unique contribution to every yacht being worked on.


Standing for the highest quality equates to dedication, teamwork and unequaled perseverance in each of our team members. A commitment that is seen and appreciated by all of our clients. Transparent, honest, straightforward and reliable. That is the introduction page for each project.

Unique Location

Zwijnenburg Yachting has three locations near Mainport Rotterdam with the open sea at 25 NM. The primary location has besides the Headoffice, a large section building hall, a 130 m slipway, an outfitting quay of 200 meters length and a tower crane serving the complete quay and slipway.


Covered slipway




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9th Art

Comic books are considered the ninth art, but ship and yacht building also has its own art form in the manufacturing industry. Zwijnenburg decided to combine these two art forms into a gift for esteemed clients. Each of Zwijnenburg’s superyacht projects thus has its own comic book drawing, and a fine series has already been created. Is next for you?