Creating a sequel to the first life of an existing vessel, by updating and modifying her to the owners brief will build new memories sooner. Not only will a shorter lead time and more attractive budget be achieved, the environmental footprint will also be smaller.

How we convert yachts

Whether alongside or organising a docking, Zwijnenburg is located in the Mainport of Rotterdam within te maritime cluster with critical partners and suppliers close at hand.

Control means early involvement, detailed preparation, well planned execution and taking care after delivery. Control is the key to success.

Successful execution of a conversion to be achieved by close cooperation between the owner, class & flag, the yard and her partners.

Conversion project

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BRAZIL is a semi-displacement yacht. During her stay at Zwijnenburg Yachting she underwent extensive upgrades, including a 4m extension to her bathing platform, a custom passarelle that doubles as a tender & jet ski lift system being installed, the bridge deck being raised by 1.5m and many other updates including new 100% electric CMC stabilizers. The refit was be delivered in 2022, after which she now operates as a luxury vessel around the world, proving to be an exceptional yacht for her owners.

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